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Saturday, June 21, 2008

June 21 2008

One of the hazards of making up knitting patterns as you go, is running out of yarn before you finish, and even worse, when it's a handspun yarn that you can't just go and buy some more of to finish off. So I've been starting and knitting a lot, but not finishing anything! I am getting plenty of experience with circular knitting though, and learning how it works, so at least it's not wasted time. With all the restarts though, I don't have any new pics yet.

On the jewellery front, I have plenty of ideas, but until I can figure out a feature signature logo component to use in my wire and metal work, I don't expect to be showing any photos of finished work (too many people copying or attempting to copy my work right now to make more without some form of protection for it). I have some supplies for bead stringing though, so there will be some spiral rope bracelet and necklaces pics soon.

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