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Thursday, April 10, 2008

10 April 2008

a much quicker update this week -

a watch with floating crystals in the watchface, and band from sterling silver jumprings in a hollow cord filled with clear swarovski crystals.

I'm finally getting some of my inspiration for jewellerymaking back after having lost it in January from the insult of having some of my work copied, with the copier taking full credit for coming up with the design and technique. It was a fairly stressful time, but she did agree after 3-4 weeks to remove the copy from sale and also take down the photo and comments she made relating to working out the technique herself.

It has meant going back to basics though and starting with basic wire weaving and chainmaille, making pieces for myself and as gifts for specific people, rather than making more involved original styles for sale, so I'm expanding my jewellery collection for now and spoiling myself with new sparkly things.

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