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Saturday, March 01, 2008

1 March 2008

Well, I finished spinning up the black diamond fibre, hand dyed soy fibres and melanian wool/black diamond blend and started knitting. Unfortunately though, The circular needles I was using broke at the cable/needle join and gluing a few times didn't work, so I had to go looking for replacements. I couldn't find any of the same size though, so I gave up on the first idea, undid it all and started over from scratch.

I've been a bit obsessed with circular/spiral/pinwheel type designs lately, so I had a look round for some patterns to give me ideas to get started with and found this doily pattern at Yarn Over logo
Using the central spiral from the doily pattern, I'm working on a design for a jacket using the black diamond fibre. With my handknitting being so slow (specially when I keep changing my mind about design and undoing it), I'll have to settle for progress pics for now -
spiral knit progress pic

I'm planning to make this spiral wide enough for a jacket back, then work out the spacing and number of stitches for armholes and knit over that section with some waste yarn, then continue the spiral pattern til it's wide enough to wrap round for fronts as well - above the armholes can then fold back as the collar. Then I plan to thread the loops either side of the waste yarn onto a circular needle and knit the sleeves from the shoulder down to the cuff.

I have no idea if it'll work yet, but I'll find out in a week or so - if it doesn't, then I s'pose it'll be turned into some sort of shawl!

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