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Sunday, March 09, 2008

9 March 2008

This week has been making use of the second week of a bout of insomnia, with dyeing and spinning bamboo fibres.

I forgot to take photos of the natural bamboo before spinning, but did take photos of the dyed lots

dyed bamboo fibres lot 1dyed bamboo fibres lot 2

I started with about 500g of natural coloured bamboo fibres, and spun about half in the natural colour and dyed then spun the other half.

spun bamboo yarn

The colours aren't quite right, so I'll try for another photo during the day, when I get time. The cream coloured skeins are about 260g and almost 500m in length. The dyed yarn skein is 100g and 176m, with the remainder of the dyed fibres still being spun - the top bobbin shows some plied, and the bottom bobbin is 1 lot of singles ready for plying when I finish spinning the remaining fibres.

After this batch is finished, I'll be taking a break from spinning to make some more jewellery. I finally took the step of ordering some 9k gold wire (along with some more silver) to make my first solid gold chain bracelet and the order should arrive early this week.

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