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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

12 February 2008

A couple of weeks ago I finally got my first spinning wheel - an Ashford Traditional.

spinning wheel

and have spent my spare time since then spinning fibres starting with some silver-grey melanian wool (below right), my own hand carded/hand dyed alpaca fibre plied with cotton(below left) and a wool fibre labelled as lumpy "lollypop" wool.

then ordered some soysilk fibres, bamboo fibres, "black diamond" bamboo fibres and latte (milk) fibres. Some of the white soysilk I random dyed with 2 shades of pink, a shade of bright blue and a shade of turquoise, then spun it into this -

I also blended some of the "black diamond" fibre (below left) with some melanian wool (below right) and hand carded to the mix in the centre below.

Below are the results of spinning up those fibres -

left is pure black diamond fibre, centre is the melanian/black diamond blend, right pure melanian wool.

I'm probably about halfway through using the black diamond/melanian blend, the remaining pure black diamond fibre & dyed soysilk fibres, so I'll probably be busy doing more spinning for another week or 2 before knitting up some of the yarns into scarves.


Anonymous said...

Wow! For someone who just bought a wheel you sure are good at spinning! I love looking at spinning blogs - the way people put together fibres, the way they ply, it always fills me up with more ideas! Looking forward to seeing more spinning in the future!

Matt Horsburgh said...

Hi Carolyn, I love the work you do dyeing your own thread for projects. What do you use to dye them?
I do the PR for DYLON and just wanted to let you know that we've just launched a new range of hand dyes in 17 shades. I'd love to send you some samples to try on any projects you're working on if you'd like?

Thanks, Matt